Our Polices

Has a business, we follow the UK laws on trading, returns and protections for our customers and business. 

We there for have provided you with all our links to independent page on this website. So you can follow any T&Cs that we have in place. please note that the T&Cs are subject to change with notice, but we will try our hardest to inform you all on our main page, under UPDATES at the top of the page. 

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all laws are followed and to honest with what we are making when we release out accounts each year. 

What can you expect from us:

  • Customer Protection (Your Rights)

  • Notice of intent 

  • Protection on memberships cost

  • Protection on card details held on our systems

  • Protection of personal details held on our system 

You can be ensured that we never email you with using your first and last name, with other details, 

if it is your first time of using our services then we will send you details for your reference and therefore ask you to report any issues of emails to us right away. 

Our contact is only by email, and not by phone, until we have set up a call centre to ensure that you have got the best service that you will be looking for. 

Please also note that we aim to support you and get back you within a amount time (please see our time management page for more details on this) 


Your Rights

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Customer rights

Data Protection

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Your rights

Price Protection

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