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Will CoVid stop you from Operating

CoVid will not stop from running our business we aim to meet all needs and requirements for our business to run. 
You dont have to come to place of business has that all items ordered will be sent out by post, to keep staff and public safe

What if I am not satisfied with The Eye?

If you not happy with one our products what you buy on line, such has clothing ect then, you will be covered by law for a refund, replacement. Depending if it is on sale, please refer to our polices about this matter.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

We do offer any discount for first time customers, but if you sign up to one of our VIP customer perks then you will be able to get discounts on new products that we load on the site, plus first pick on to meet ups plus more saving hundreds of pounds a year.

What if i'm not happy about the review we paid for

With this we know it hard sometimes to hear bad things about the work that you placed in the game or product, we can only say that each review will be given a full test and process to ensure that we meet all requirements that is set out in our terms. With reviews we do not offer refunds has this cover time that earning could of been made, and there for that polices that have been placed down will need to be followed

What if i want to cancel my VIP membership

You can stop this at any time, please ensure that you inform us and your bank for this reason has that you will need to stop any payments going out, you can email at any time, but please note that it can take up to 24 hours, has it is a small team managing the business