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Data Protection

Protecting you

We follow a strict rules when it comes to your data, such has person details and card details. 

Below you will see what laws we follow to ensure that you are covered by the UK laws. 

Data Protection:

We use the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018, and therefore that any information obtained will be kept safe on our records and on our systems. We also follow the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) rules of data protection. 

We will NOT pass on any information to 3rd parties for products, nor send or use your details in a manor that places you has the customer at risk. 

We take all rules around the bases to heart and action will taken to ensure this not get released by any action. 

You has the customer can request to see what details that we have on file, you must then need to follow the rules we have in place for this reason. 

  • To send Photo ID 

  • Proof of address 

    • This can be two letters ​

  • Your Name 

  • DOB 

You can do this by sending us a email to obtain this information, we work on a 14 (fourteen) working days turn around. 

Any one can request for a  FOI (Freedom of information Request) we will then read through this and follow all laws to ensure that all information dose not get given to other people, they will also be a fee attached to this request:

FOIR fee: £10

Turnaround: 14 working days

You can be assured that we will keep you safe at all times. 

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